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Pre-need Obituaries for the Unapologetically Authentic

Living authentically is a courageous act.Our stories are valuable, and they deserve to be told in a way that honors our unique journeys and experiences. That’s why I’ve created a bespoke pre-need obituary service designed specifically for the unapologetically authentic nonconformists, free spirits, and trailblazers among us.

Together, let’s celebrate your individuality and the path you've forged.

Control Your Narrative
Feel misunderstood or misrepresented? Writing your obituary before you die empowers you to tell your own story and ensure your true character shines through.
Ease the Burden on Loved Ones
By pre-writing your obituary, you relieve your family members of the difficult task of capturing your life during their time of grief, allowing them to focus on healing and remembering you in their own way.
Pursue Fearless Ambitions
Recognize and celebrate your deepest longings, no matter how bold they might be. By including these desires in your obituary, you'll pursue your passions and conquer your fears.
Embrace Your Individuality
Celebrate your one-of-a-kind personality, values, and beliefs, and convey the essence of who you truly are instead of conforming to others' expectations.
Leave a Positive Impact
Share your personal journey to inspire fellow nonconformists, encouraging them to embrace their authentic selves and pursue their passions.
Set the Record Straight
Clarify misconceptions and address rumors about your life by giving your perspective.
Highlight Your Accomplishments
Showcase your distinctive achievements and milestones that might otherwise be overlooked.
Strengthen Your Legacy
Ensure your legacy reflects your true spirit and the positive impact you've had on others, rather than being defined what other people think.
Prevent Toxic Influence
Crafting your own obituary ensures that toxic family members won't have the chance to misrepresent or tarnish your life story, giving you the opportunity to share your truth.

Don't let your extraordinary life be reduced to a generic, one-size-fits-all narrative. Let's work together to create a thoughtful, personalized obituary that reflects your unique experiences and contributions to the world.Your story is worth telling – let’s make sure it’s told right!

Let’s Connect

Ready to craft your authentic legacy with a personalized obituary? Wonderful – contact me, Rusty Blazenhoff, today and take the first step in immortalizing your extraordinary story.I look forward to connecting with you.